65 Battista Road
Manchester, CT 06040
26 Sept 2005

Steve Clark
Procuro, Inc.

Dear Mr. Clark:

I have recently been made aware of an open software development position at Procuro, Inc., by one of your employees, Jeff Nettleton. Jeff and I have worked on various small free software projects online together, and from what he was describing, the position seems quite interesting. I have just recently returned home to the United States after finishing my Masters degree in Computer Science at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, and I am interested in applying the skills I have learned in both school and through work and independent experience to the workforce.

I have always prided myself on being very diverse when it comes to my computer experience. While my MSc project may have been in the area of parallelism in multimedia applications, I have a lot of experience in many separate areas, such as network programming, database driven web development, OpenGL programming, and many other areas. With regards to the job descriptions that Jeff forwarded me, I have done network programming such as implementing services, clients, and protocols. I have also done more hardware related programming, such as working with a Motorola HC11 series processor, and I understand the challenges and techniques of working with a low resource device. In addition to my past experience, I am a fast learner, and enjoy developing new skills.

I understand that the position is in San Diego, CA, which makes it a bit difficult to meet in person, as I live in Connecticut. However, I would very much like to discuss the position with you further over the telephone or by email. I can be reached at (860) 649-9149, or d.foster@alum.rpi.edu. If there is anything else I could provide for you, such as transcripts, please do not hesistate to ask.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

Dave Foster